Best Time to Sell Your House in Miami

Best Time to Sell Your House in Miami


The Miami real estate market is busy and unique. For one, it’s a popular location for primary residences and second homes. Buyers are diverse: both empty-nesters and young families move to Miami, while some people seek vacation homes they may rent part of the year. 80% of Miami-area buyers (and sellers) are from other countries. In fact, Miami is ranked third in the U.S for international home-buying.

Second, the market is actually made up of several sub-markets, each with its own characteristics and pool of buyers. Knowing what they’re looking for, and when they look and buy, is helpful information to plan your sale, because there is a best time to sell your home in Miami.

Snowbirds flock to the condo market, so if you’re selling, pay attention to their travel schedule, which does not match the best time to sell larger houses. Their season ends in April, and they often wish to close on a new place before they fly off home. Your realtor may advise that the time to list a condo late winter, while these buyers are around and eager to get settled for next season.

Single-family homes in various locations have been found to sell best in August and September. House sales that closed in August had the highest prices, while houses that sold in September spent the least amount of time on the market. Listings for these homes should happen May-July. These buyers often have to operate on school-year schedules, wanting to purchase homes and settle their children before the first day of school.

A realtor who knows your market and your selling priorities can advise you on perfect timing. They can further advise on ways to sell your house quickly in Miami. Buyers ideally want turn-key dwellings with high-end features, so they can move right into the lifestyle they want.  Waterfront homes and condos, because of their international and snowbird buyers, often get sold more frequently, and are thus more likely to have the latest stylish upgrades.

Single-family homes in other neighborhoods may not change owners for years; some research and projects may be necessary to make them stand out well in the listings. Again, your realtor’s advice is a great resource on whether replacements, upgrades, or just excellent cleaning and staging are required.

For any Miami house, sellers will benefit from:

  • The excellent first impression made by well-groomed landscaping, fresh paint, good lighting, and an inviting front door area.
  • A depersonalized, clean interior in a neutral palette
  • Staging that appeals to all the senses, including nice scents, soft music, and luxurious textures
  • Furniture and objects staged to emphasize the Miami lifestyle, such as relaxing chairs with a view or a colorful beach bag.

These tips and an experienced agent who knows your priorities will guide you to a successful sale. Ideally, someone who will go out of their way to get your home sold and provides a good package for you.  A virtual tour drone video is a great way to display your home and get it sold. Below is a great example of a waterfront Miami home.

 International buyers, for example, aim for waterfront and island houses. These properties tend to be bought and sold more often, thus are more likely to have the upgrades and high-end features their buyers want in a turn-key luxury home. House in single-family neighborhoods may not switch owners for many years

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