Paz Global not only brokers real estate transactions, but we also partner directly with investors who want to capitalize on the market. Our sister company, Path Investments, deals with just that. Path Investments is a highly experienced, full-service South Florida real estate investment company with a proven track record in the Florida market. We are dedicated to providing real estate solutions to first-time and experience investors. We work directly with homeowners, lenders, and institutions to acquire properties needing repairs throughout South Florida.

We specialize in buying quality properties, whether it is a home facing foreclosure, an estate sale in which the beneficiary needs a quick sale, or when a homeowner faces a financial hardship and falls behind on their mortgage, real estate tax, or association fee payments. Currently, we are seeking investors or lenders to partner with us and profit-share with us in our endeavors, or simply invest with us at a higher-than-market interest rate secured by real estate.



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