International Investment Properties

Taking a Look at International Investment Trends

After two years of rising real estate purchases by foreign buyers, it has slowed down by 1.3% in 2016  according to the National Association of Realtors. However real estate specialist Richard Paz doesn’t think this trend will last. This current trend is due to the global economic slowdown which made the dollar more expensive to foreign buyers.  

It is expected in the next few years that there will be more global travel and foreign presence. Countries such as China, India, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada have been the top purchasers of U.S residential real estate. India and China have two of the biggest economies in emerging markets with constant annual growth which makes them potential clients down the road. Wealthy families from these countries want a place to invest and keep their families in a safe destination. Many of these millionaires also like sending their kids to top U.S universities. Along with sending their kids to school here, real estate comes along with it.

International Investment Properties
International Investment Properties

Canada and Mexico will most likely maintain their presence in the U.S market due to their proximity and political motivators. The North American Free Trade agreement has motivated many mexican companies to move or open locations here in the U.S. Canadians on the other hand shelter in the hotter estates like Florida during the Winter months and many of them like coming back for Summer as well.

The American cities that are currently the most popular amongst foreign investors are New York, Washington D.C, Boston, Miami, and San Francisco while the most popular estates are New York, California, Texas, and Florida.

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