In order to sell your house or condo, you must highlight its attributes. Focus on the strengths and improve the weaknesses.

 10 Tips to Sell Your Home

 1) Exterior is Key 

Make sure your landscape is trimmed; pick up any loose leaves or items that may be left behind. The walk way must be clean and presentable as well as the Front Door. Note: if your door bell is not working make sure to fix it before any showing.

2) Interior Décor

Chipped paint, dirty walls and furniture won’t help you sell your home. So invest a little and it will go a long way.

3) Bright Sun Light

Open all Curtains and drapes. Make sure to clean all the windows thoroughly. Natural light makes the space welcoming.

4) Interior Plumbing

Make sure all the plumbing is clean and running smoothly. Clean all piping and hoses including the Air Conditioner. Show that you have maintained your home well.

5) Don’t Overlook the Small Details

If any door knobs are loose, drawers are sticking, or there are any unstable Hinges, or stuck windows make sure they are fixed.

6) Clutter

Make your home as attractive as can be, make the clutter disappear this is not only messy, but it’s dangerous.

7) The Entire Home

Even though the garage is meant for storage, clean it up, organize it make is as appealing as the rest of the home.

8) Closet Space

Make your closet look more spacious by organizing your clothes and shoes. Make it a show case, no clothes boxes, or cartons should be on the floor as it makes the home look unappealing.

9) The Bathrooms

Make the bathroom Glitter with cleanliness. Shine the toilet bowl, sink, shower, tiles, and grout. Remember buyers love a clean bathroom. Note: Recaulk any grooves or edges that may need it, and wash all the bathroom towels and linen so they can be clean and fresh.

10) The Suites

Use clean and attractive bed linens that match your décor. Remember to open the curtains and let the natural light in. Note: the bedroom is where the buyer will spend 35% of their lives so it must be like a sanctuary.