Paz Global Real Estate is implementing innovative marketing strategies to SELL

Paz Global Real Estate is implementing innovative marketing strategies to SELL

Like most industries, the ones who are ahead of the curve and innovate will always find a way to fulfill their customer’s needs. Real estate is no different and that is exactly what Paz Global is currently doing. Existing home prices have reached a high and sales activity has dropped due to homes being less affordable. On the other hand more homeowners want to capitalize on the increased prices and are listing for sale creating a buyers market.

Competition is going to be increasing as more home sellers list their homes and home buyers look for lower and mid range prices. Thousands of new units will be coming to the market in South Florida over the next 3 years causing more of a stir. This is where the expertise and creativity from real estate companies come into play.

Paz Global has proven once again through their innovation that their priority is to SELL. Their latest strategy has been to carefully work with their clients and offer 1 year of free association fees for the buyer. This tactic has gotten attention and is currently marketed for two properties listed on the market now: 669 NE 191 St and 358 NE 194 Terr in Miami, FL 33179 in Aventura Isles which is now under contract.

This is just one of their many tactics. Another strategy that Paz Global has used has been to motivate the buyer’s agents is through bonus compensation incentives. This approach has led to strong sales, the latest one being a closed sale at 600 Parkview Dr #322 in Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Real estate professionals work solely on commission, so offering an extra incentive puts our listings in front of more brokers and ultimately the buyers.

Richard Paz, broker at Paz Global also puts focus on working with buyers. He works with corporate relocations,  first time home buyers and buyers looking for second/vacation homes. “Interest rates are still very low so it’s a good time to take advantage of them”. Richard Paz says that “this time is attractive for both buyers and sellers due to the different factors that are currently present”.

Paz Global understands that each client is different and their strategy is based on different sets of criteria aligned with the clients wants and needs. Paz Global listens to their clients and together create a unique plan that will work for them and their needs

Richard Paz can be reach via phone or text at 305.349.3770 or email


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