David Beckham pays big money for Miami Stadium property






City records reveal David Beckham and his investors acquired a site to build a soccer stadium. The former English captain announced that him and his group paid $18.5 million for a portion of the land where the new stadium will be built.

The Stadium Development  will be located at 650 NW  8th St. in the City of Miami’s historic over town neighborhood.  Beckham’s investing group have stated ‘’ Our intention is to create a mix of private and county controlled land, a total of 9 acres in Miami’s urban core, close to all the public transportation options and to the up-and- coming Miami River districts where new real estate developments are flourishing. ‘’ Beckham’s investing group is very excited about this new project.

Private properties  which represent most of the land are already under contract  and the county land is awaiting for negotiations at a fair price.

This project will be the most responsible stadium development in Miami history and even though the project is privately financed they  will work together  with the Miami Dade County Schools  to establish the club as an educational resource for the community.  The Beckham organization also engages with the community and nearby businesses and residents to incorporate their ideas in the improvement of the neighborhood.


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