Latest Opportunities

Below you’ll find our latest opportunities. If you’re a real estate developer, investor, broker, or another real estate professional and have an interest in any of these properties, please contact us to discuss how we can do business together. We welcome broker cooperation.

16-acre Commercial Site on US1 in Homestead, FL

A rare 16-acre lot on US-1 with a 35,000+ traffic count, in the heart of Homestead, a suburb of south Miami-Dade County. Lots of demand for commercial space. Tenants are paying around $30+ per sq/ft NNN in the immediate area. Due to a newly approved Smart Transit System in the works, this community has seen and is poised for a dramatic increase in density with thousands of residential units under construction over the next few years.

9.7-acre site zoned for residential multifamily in South Miami-Dade county.

This assemblage consists of a 5.2-acre and 4.5-acre site for a total of 9.7 acres is directly at the South Dade transit-way. The 5.2-acre site was recently rezoned to MC (Mixed-use Corridor) to allow up to 90 units per acre. More than enough to allow for a 3 story walk-up apartment building or more. There are multiple other uses allowed such as commercial, retail, office, light industrial, medical, etc.

35-acre assemblage ideal for residential development in South Miami-Dade county.

An assemblage of nearly 35 acres directly on the transitway, and a short walk to the bus stop. This is an ideal Transit Oriented Development site for a community of single-family and townhouses. Located near a large high school and higher-valued homes.

7.6-acre site in North Miami zoned for up to 450 units

The property was recently rezoned to PD3 (mix use high-density) which allows 45-60 residential units per acre and up to a 110-feet height. There are over 20 uses for this land, as by right including retail, office, public use, storage, medical facility, multifamily, education-related, ALF, nursing home, etc.

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